Vågar vi lita på det här?

China Mievillé älskar vi här på Drömmarnas Berg och vågar vi tro på det här ryktet kring hans kommande bok Kraken?

The Natural History Museum’s prize exhibit – a giant squid – suddenly disappears. This audacious theft leads Clem, the research scientist who has recently finished preserving the exhibit, into a dark urban underworld of warring cults and surreal magic. It seems that for some, the squid represents a god and should be worshiped as such. Clem gradually comes to realise that someone may be attempting to use the squid to trigger an apocalypse. And so it is now up to him and a renegade squid-worshiper named Dean to find a way of stopping the destruction of the world as they know it whilst themselves surviving the all out-gang warfare that they have unwittingly been drawn into…

Det kanske bara är fejk. Vem vet? Jag läser allt från Mievillé ändå. Sucker!